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Carpet Cleaning, Anti-Microbial Services, and Much More

A&M Surface Solutions proudly offers tile / grout and carpet cleaning. Having us clean your floors every six to twelve months will keep them looking great while reducing allergens and extending the surface life throughout your property. Contact us to learn more.

Soft Exterior Cleaning

Let our team gently clean the exterior of your home or office, using your preferred cleaner. High pollen counts in our area make using this service at least twice a year a great idea. We can also keep your decks, patios and driveways looking like new. Contact us to schedule a free estimate, you can email us pictures of your home with for an accurate estimate.

Vapor Cleaning

Keep everything clean with this helpful service. Perhaps the best advantage of Vapor cleaning is that hot vapor is a natural sanitizing and deodorizing agent without any harsh chemical use. When hot vapor penetrates surfaces, it destroys mold spores, germs, viruses, dust mites and bacteria. 

Residential Exterior

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Anti-Microbial Service

Protect your home or office and facilities from unwanted germs for up to 30 days with this service. Our service helps to provide a durable antimicrobial barrier for a wide range of microbial and bacterial growth. This service will continue to disinfect and provide a very low cost solution to a very high profile problem. We recommend our anti-microbial service for all high traffic areas. Consider using this service in conjunction with our vapor cleaning.

Anti-Slip Protection

Let us help your floors meet the minimum OSHA / ADA non slip standards. Slip -and-fall accidents account for over 300,000 disabling injuries per year in North America. Slip and fall injuries are also the most commonly reported accidents in hotels restaurants and public buildings.

Many natural stone and tile surfaces commonly found in lobbies, hallways, bathrooms, bathtubs patios, etc. become dangerously slippery when exposed to moisture. A slip-and-fall occurrence on your property will at a minimum lead to disruption of business, insurance reports, stress an worry over potential litigation and a loss of goodwill. At worst, it may lead to catastrophic injury, medical liability and litigation. 

Mattress Deep Cleaning

This service will freshen up your mattress and eliminate odors by drawing out dirt, moisture and removing dust mites (and their waste). Mattress covers and protectors only reduce this dirt and  dust mite exposure by 20%. We recommend this service twice a year , at least once a season. 

*In addition to the above services we also offer upholstery cleaning and stubborn stain removal*